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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge!

Starting today and lasting throughout the month of August - Tiger at All Consuming Books, Lena at Addicted 2 Novels, and I are back co-hosting The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge.

It's simple! FIRST - Sign up HERE! Then write your review and link it to the Mister Linky below! Each review linked counts as an entry. But first, a few rules...

*Sign up HERE first!

*Enter the link to your review post- not your blog homepage and please enter what book you reviewed.
(Example - For What It's Worth - Lola and the Boy Next Door) So people can find your reviews easily.

*These must be real reviews, meaning more than just a couple of sentences describing the book. We'll be checking to make sure you're posting legitimate reviews!

*No one review can be linked more than once on the same blog. You may link the same review on each one of our blogs, just not the same review more than once on each blog.

*The review must be posted on your blog during the month of August. No using old reviews!

*You must be a book blogger to participate.

*There will be 9 Ultimate Prize Pack winners! Three people will be picked using randomizer from each of the hosting blogs at the end of the event.

*Contest ends August 31st at midnight, CST.

*The challenge is open to International bloggers on For What It's Worth - US only on All Consuming Books & Addicted 2 Novels.

*Rules and regulations are subject to change. Don't worry, you'll be informed.

*Feel free to email me at fwiwDOTkeaATgmailDOTcom if you have any questions.

The Prizes!! At the end of the challenge, three lucky reviewers from each blog will receive an Ultimate Prize Pack. The prize packs are different, depending on the host. So be sure to link your reviews on all three blogs!

My Prize Packs:
Prize Pack #1

ARC Bloodlines by Richelle Mead - signed
ARC The Future of Us by Jay Asher
ARC Ashes by Isla J Bick- signed
ARC Goliath by Scott Westerfield - signed
ARC Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz - signed
Kobo Read On t-shirt

Prize Pack #2

ARC Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey
ARC Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
ARC Eve by Anna Carey
ARC How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston
The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa - signed
Kobo Read On t-shirt

Prize Pack #3

Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready - signed
ARC The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson
Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr - signed

OK everyone! Start linking!!


  1. Are there any specific books we can't review? For example are art book reviews allowed? It would be a proper review of course not just a few sentences but I wouldn't be reviewing any writing.

    Or is just fiction books that are allowed?


  3. 11. Forgot to put it was for Stolen. -__-

  4. @Aine - Fixed it :-)

    @Sandy - Art books are fine. Any book review should be ok as long as it follows the overall guidelines above.

  5. Karen, I'm finding that we can only write 50 letters. By the time I write my blog name, I can't write the complete book title. Can this be fixed at all? What do i do?

  6. @Rachel - You can put "The rest" or "still unwritten" for your blog name if you want and you don't need to put your name....I'll see if I can fix the link that's already there for you :-)

  7. @Rachel - fixed it - does that loot ok??

  8. That's fine! Thanks for that =)
    I'll just put my blog name, depending on how long the book title is.
    Thanks again =)

  9. I just joined up and posted my reviews so far this month. I'm excited! =)

  10. I tried to link a review for The Scorch Trials but it won't show up and continues to tell me I've already linked it.

  11. @Jasmine - I see it there #568 so I'm guessing you got it all figured out. Maybe it took some time to show up??

  12. this is an awesome idea! thanks for hosting