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Monday, June 20, 2011

BEA Part 4: NYC...This & That...

While I was looking through my BEA/NYC pictures I realized there were a few really cool places that I didn't get a chance to mention.

The first is Kinokuniyia - a Japanese book store that was honestly the highlight of my whole trip. I spent almost 3 hours in there. I can't understand or read a word of Japanese and I have never picked up a Manga in my life but this store is just made of awesome!

There are aisles and aisles of Manga, origami, books, art books, stationary, strange things that explain the Japanese fetish with bizarre game shows. I'm just going to post the pictures - have a look around this amazing store.

Every aisle in this picture is of Manga....stop drooling Manga fans.

I seriously love this artwork as you come up the escalator to the 2nd floor.

 There was a bit of an obsession with bad cat's apparently 

The art books are stunning. I wrote a few down to order. 

Random items for sale....very random.

Only the basement level has books written in Japanese. That was kind of cool too, trying to figure out the popular books in a different language and new cover. I will definitely be visiting again!

Now on to a book store you probably have heard of.......The Strand!

"New York City's legendary home of 18 Miles of new, used and rare books. Since 1927."  

They do not lie when they say there is 18 miles of books. It actually feels like more than that.

I've been here twice and I still don't think I have a good grasp on all there is to see at The Strand.

The Strand is really a unique gem among bookstores. Not only do they have rare and hard to find books but they also have ARC's, signed books and CHEAP! In the YA section alone new books can be had for about $6!! If your looking for a book, I bet you can find it here. (well, actually finding the book might be a problem - you would probably have to ask someone or you would be searching for hours....)

Since this is my last NYC/BEA post I can't leave without posting a few more pics of......


from Magnolia bakery of course.

Lemon meringue 

Key lime pie 

More of a mini pie than a cupcake


Well, that concludes the BEA recap!

Until next year.......


  1. If you liked Takehiko Inoue's art at Kinokuniya, you should give his Vagabond series at try. Awesome manga for the adult crowd.

    Thanks for all of the great pictures!

  2. I was under the impression it's illegal to sell an ARC...guess I was wrong. Come to think of it I have absolutely no idea where I got that idea from. Like most of my ideas then.

  3. the strand looks so cool! I can't wait until I eventually get to go to NYC and BEA! The cupcakes looks so so tasty..

    The Cait Files

  4. Dooood, I don't consider myself a magna fan and I"M DROOLING! That artwork is amazing, as is that bookstore! WOW! I would have gotten lost in there for days!

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