For What It's Worth

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Say Whaaaaa???

This has absolutely nothing to do with books, music or movies but it cracked me up when I saw it on TV the other night.
If you spill your food and drink all over yourself on a daily basis then Slob Stopper has the perfect solution! No matter that you look ridiculous  - plus you will always be ready if you have a dentist or hairdresser appointment!
What is really sad is that I could probably use this. I just spilled hot cocoa all over my suede jacket a few months ago and if I ever eat a candy bar in the car, half of it ends up on the seat much to my husband's dismay.
I guess it's true that we revert back to being a baby in the end. Diapers & bibs......

I like how the guy scores the hot chick now that he has a bib.....LOL


  1. God,who would think that they would come up with such a product!Surely I may use one ... but that's a secret ok?!

  2. Sadly, I could use that. I am terrible about spilling. My biggest nemesis is syrup.

  3. Really? Because you look SO much cooler wearing a giant bib than you would with food/drink down the front of you. Although, I do have a problem with things not always making it to my mouth without taking a pit stop on the front of my shirt, I still don't think I would sit in my car, in public, and wear this. Too awesome:)

  4. I think all you ladies can make this look cool.

  5. Is that thing for real?! That's hoolarious. Wait... hoolarious? Yes. I like it. O_O

  6. This is AWESOME!!!! I wonder if you can order them in different colors?