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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Music Review: Fundamental by Jay Mathes

Official press release:
On this record, Jay Mathes continues to obsess over topics like unfailing love, the redemption of humanity, and the pursuit of dreams, but also inadequacy, desperate longing, and forgiveness.  He speaks of common struggles and signs of victory, and lays bare the human heart: messy, beautiful, and broken.  In his own words, Jay says, “There’s no better instrumentation or format to use for songs like these. Guitar is the most honest instrument I know.”

My take:
Fundamentals is a very stripped down, bare your soul kind of album. It's just Jay and an acoustic guitar pouring his heart out in songs about faith, love and fatherhood.
One song that I really liked was Welcome, this song seemed to carry more emotion to it than some of the others on the album. I think that would be my one issue with the CD. While the songs were all beautiful and personal they seemed very similar and sometimes ran together for me.
I tend to like my music with more of an edge and the tracks on Fundamental are more laid back than what I typically listen to but I found myself playing it around the house particularly while I was blogging when you need a more soothing sound.
If you're looking for a mellow, relaxing coffee house sound with songs about love, longing & family then I recommend that you check out Fundamentals by Jay Mathes.

Source: I was given this CD for review

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  1. I really like listening to soothing music sometimes. I checked out his website and I like his sound.