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Saturday, March 5, 2011

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren as way to spotlight the books we've bought/won or borrowed for the week.

Borrowed: From my friend Lena at Addicted 2 Novels
Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt (Lena has a great interview with Lindsey HERE along with a giveaway that ends 3/25!)
Sean Griswold's Head

I was a very good girl this week and didn't buy ANY new books.....and here's why:

This is my TBR pile - I'm sure there are more books somewhere in my house but I refuse to acknowledge them.
I also have 32 books to read on Kindle, 7 .pdf books to review and ??? on Netgalley - again - I refuse to ackowledge. LaLaLaLa....

I was kind of hoping if I put this picture up I will feel shamed into reading faster. But let's be honest....I will probably have an IMM next week with shiny new books because I have a list of books I want sitting right over here -------> next to this keyboard. *sigh*

So what did you get this week? And are you better at getting through that pile than I am - or is your pile worse?? I know you're out there!!


  1. LOL karen... My pile is definitely bigger than yours and I seem to collect them much faster than I can read them. I swear books are like crack! Even when you have a bunch, all you can think about is where/when to get more. LOL

  2. @Theresa - Mine was much worse than that after BEA so at least I made some progress! It's never ending because like you said you just get more!

  3. You should see my TMR stacks (yes, plural)! If there was an earthquake it would take days to find me underneath the books (not the rubble).
    Oh and don't even get me started on my NetGalley loot, hahahaaa!

  4. I wouldn't be brave enough to try to put all my TBR books into actual piles. They're all over the house. And that's probably the real reason I don't have an e-reader yet. The last thing I need is a way to acquire books instantaneously. I'm hearing good things about S.G.'s Head. I'll have to check out the link.

  5. OMG thats a huge pile to read. I have a pile to books to read and its hiding in the closet.
    let say I'm not ready to acknowledge that pile to books to read. :)

    Pass along the books to read over here.

  6. Oh goodness, what are you doing blogging? You should be reading, lol. Yeah, my TBR pile is insane. We should motivate each other more.

    You: ????
    You:...STOP YELLING AT ME!!! *runsaway*


  7. If it makes you feel any better, my TBR pile is way worse than yours is. It's gotten so bad that I no longer sort them into "read" and "not read" piles anymore. I just shove them all on shelves and pretend like I don't notice how much I have to read. Which allows me to keep buying and hoarding books like a crazy person. Maybe, one day, I'll

  8. Oh my! That's a massive pile! Just try to read as much as you can especially during weekends! That's what I do!

    Always remember to have fun reading!

    Here's my IMM -

  9. HA! That is an intimidating review pile Karen, and I applaud your restraint in not buying any books to add to it this week! I lack said restraint and bought 4 even with a large pile of books waiting. It's a sickness:)

  10. And I thought my TBR pile was overflowing! I really want the Shift series by Rachel Vincent! Here's what I got: Thanks!

  11. Yeah I know what you mean. I had to move my TBR pile this weekend. It was getting too big for the space it was in. Yickes! Thanks for stopping by!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  12. Huge TBR?Tell me about it!
    I found that a reading schedule,however lame it sounds, helps a lot.You should try it :)