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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm in the mood for love romance roundup!

I’m in the mood for love mini reviews.

Romeo, Romeo

Romeo Romeo by Robin Kaye
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Millionaire playboy Nick Romeo is mistaken for a mechanic by Rosalie Ronaldi after he helps her with a flat one late night. They embark on a steamy, no strings attached affair until Rosalie gets sick, kicking in Nick’s domestic instincts. You gotta love a hunky stud who likes to vacuum when he’s nervous….and cook. There is a little bit of corporate intrigue combined with mixed signals and they both take a tad too long to admit their true feelings but both characters were likeable and it was a quick, fun read.
Rating: 3 out of 4
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Smooth Talking Stranger

Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas
Source: purchased
This book has a “B”illionaire playboy! No mere millionaire’s here. Also an unexpected baby. Not my usual ingredients for a good romance, but it works. Ella is forced to leave her life behind temporarily to raise her sister’s abandoned baby. In her search to find the baby daddy she stumbles upon the aforementioned billionaire, Jack. I LOVED Jack. Just the right balance of alpha bossy and evolved male. Torn between an exsisting relationship that may or may not be exclusive, a new friendship (maybe more) with Jack and her new found maternal instincts and Ella is left with a few life changing choices to make. For a little added drama, toss in Ella’s man hungry mom – oh man – I wanted to punch this woman! She’s done quite a number on Ella’s self-esteem, even though Ellas is a strong independent woman. The events that force the Jack/Ella issue felt a bit contrived and an ending that is a little too perfect are my only complaints with an otherwise fun, definitely sexy book. Really liked this one!
Rating: 3.5 out of 4
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May Cooler Heads Prevail (Hometown Mysteries)

May Cooler Heads Prevail by Teri Dunnegan
Source: Netgalley
I did not enjoy this one and considered passing it over for review but then I read several positive reviews for it. Since it’s a free Netgalley download for bloggers I thought I would mention it in case it was more your cup of tea. Aunt Connie’s fiancé ran off right before their wedding 40 years ago. Now he’s returned but he’s dead and Connie is the prime suspect. The family calls in Dixie, their niece to help solve the crime. No one calls the police. Instead they hide the body and hilarity ensues. They have their reasons…or so they say for never calling the police but it just never rang true to me but to be fair this type of book is just not my thing. I’m not really into wacky families and increasingly wackier situations. A local man helps the family out & I could never understand why. I believe he is supposed to be a romantic interest for Dixie and he was very nice but again it just didn’t work for me. Having said that, it still has that homespun sweetness and the characters mean well. There is a lot of humor and love within the family and if you want a quick mystery that doesn’t have all the sex and gore like most of the stuff out there right now it just might be for you.
Rating: 1.5 out of 4
For a different opinion check out the Paperback Dolls review
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Mini romance genre rant. (This includes contemporary, western, historical, etc)

I’ve been reading a lot of romances lately and I see one thing popping up over and over no matter what type of romance novel. So excuse my need to vent……

I’m getting a little tired of reading about millionaire men bemoaning the fact that they just can’t trust women because they always use the men for their money and power. All women are perceived as potential money grubbers, yet they date them instead of the smart, average looking woman. The new girl always seems to bear the brunt of this anger. THIS is the woman that he decides to make a stand with and treat like crap. This really ticks me off. Why? Because up until they meet this nice regular girl they only date fake boobed, Barbie wanna be bimbos. Buddy – they are easily spotted - don’t date them if you don’t wish to be used! Then we always here how the sex was so amazing and you bring them to all the big events like arm candy. So let’s just say you’re using each other and stop complaining how you can’t trust women.
Date a normal girl your own age. Problem solved.

Sorry. I'm done. Carry on.


  1. Exactly! if these crazy romance guys would just date with a smidgen of wisdom, they could have legitimate issues and problems instead of whining about trouble that is 100% self-inflicted. I like non-self-inflicted issues when I can get them.

  2. oh totally agree with you about romance books with rich guy and poor girl. in real life who really has chance with the guy with money ?? Wouldn't it be the boy next door

  3. @Tiger - hehe, I know we share this peeve.

    @Julie - very good point. Hadn't even thought of it fromt hat perspective. I feel another rant forming :-)))

  4. Just want to point out that Jack from Smooth Talking Stranger is rich & is jaded by women but he is kind of perfect. Doesn't treat women bad or date floozies. I adored him. Not really talking about him in that rant.

  5. Great rant. Actually it's ironic that you posted this rant along with these reviews since both Romeo, Romeo and Smooth Talking Stranger (both of which I loved btw) feature heros who actually have to work for the relationship and who are head over heels a lot quicker than the heroines.

  6. LOL! Barbie wanna be bimbos. *giggles*
    I love you and your ranting. You definitely have a point. :)

  7. @JenM Romeo was a little defensive about women using him but he was totally a goner way before Rosalie! Both of these guys were actually really great. I had just read a lot of these types of books recently where every guy was rich and all girls were money grubbers. I didn't even bother reviewing them because they pissed me off.
    @Lena - Yeah - I'm a ranter :-))) Glad you still love me anyway!

  8. The first cover is adorable!! and omg, I am loving the sound of a cutie who vacuums when he's nervous lol!!