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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Ramblings.......


This is my favorite time of year....I love the cooler weather - HALLOWEEN - fall leaves

And yes - I am THAT kind of person. I dress my dogs up.

Here's Beau (Robin) and Indy (Batman) from a few years ago.




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Coming up!

*Swati Avashti will be stopping by Monday for her Before the Split Tour (with a contest)

Tuesday I will repost my review for Split

*Tiger from All Consuming Books will stop by with her AWESOME review of Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews

*And I'll have all the details for The Something Wicked is Coming Charity book Auction on FRIDAY!!

Indy as a knight in 2007

The dogs go Trick or Treating early Halloween day. It has become a thing - they have to go see the neighborhood kids when they get out of school and stop by a few houses for treats and photos. Then when the kids come trick or treating that night I get requests to see the dogs instead of wanting

I have a few more cute pictures that I'll try to find time to put up. Yes, they like it. I tried to put just a bandana on Indy one year and he freaked out...yet he struts around the neighborhod in full knight regalia.
My other dog Lily does not enjoy it so we don't mess with her.

Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Oh man, Indy as the knight totally reminds me of Sir Didymus from Labyrinth!
    Ok, so they don't really look alike, but that's who I thought of. :)

  2. @Smash Attack - OMG that's so funny!! Indy LOVED that costume!! He was so proud of himself - strutting around the neighborhood :-) He liked Batman too. He was a vampire one year but didn't like it - I guess he only likes being the

  3. Cute! My dog would bite my arm off if I tried to do this to him...

  4. So cute! I just want to know how you can get your dogs to not look at you like they are plotting your demise for dressing them up. lol

    One sheltie didn't mind, but my other one wanted to kill me. :)

  5. Your dogs are awesome. They look they alot of fun.

  6. Awe! I love pictures of dogs in costumes :)

  7. They are so cute! Wish I could dress up the cats, but I think I would require medical attention if I tried.