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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yea - I'm hopping, you got a problem with that?

The blog hop is hosted by Jen from Crazy for Books as a way to meet other bloggers.

This weeks question is: When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?
After. Usually I write my reviews within a few days of finishing the book. Sometimes it can take me a month or so to write one. If nothing comes to me then I don't write a review. In fact, I read a book a few months ago and never wrote a review for it, then a few weeks ago I woke up with the whole thing written in my head so I ran to the computer and typed it out. That happens quite a bit with me. I keep a pen & paper next to the bed just in case. I don't like forcing a review just because I've read the book. There are no blog police. Really. You don't have to write a review for every book you've
If I don't have something to say - then I don't. Sometimes it comes to me months later and that's fine too. I keep pretty good notes anyway so when the moment hits - I'm ready.
But back to the actual question.......
Occasionally, if I'm really loving a book and my thoughts are just flowing freely, I start writing my review while reading and finish it up when I'm done. I have never put a review up without finishing the book first though.

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee

Getting Revenge on Lauren WoodQuestion: My question for you guys, what is your high fashion book? --translation best book cover ever. Two that made me buy the book with mixed results were: Dead Tossed Waves (good series) & Torment (not so good series). I love creepy covers more than pretty. I bought Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood because it has a barbie being stabbed on the cover. This amuses me & I keep the book where I can see it and it never fails to make me laugh when I walk by.

So take a look around - I reviewed And One Last thing by Molly Harper and Paranormalcy by Kiersten White.

*CONTEST! You may have heard about all the controversy about the article by Dr. Wesley Scroggins. Check out my post and giveaway HERE for a chance to win Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I ordered the book for myself and hope to read it this weekend.

Have a look around and don't forget to leave a link and I'll stop by and say hi!


  1. Stopping by from the hop. I agree it's best not to force a review just because you finished a book. And the image at the top is cute :)

  2. I'm stunned. If I wait even a week after reading a book, all my clever thoughts and the revelations I think I've uncovered are utterly gone with the wind. I seriously can't hang on to the little details for any length of time. I'm proud that you can! And waking up one morning with an old book's full review ready to post... *claps*

  3. Hi! I'm hopping by for Follow Friday! Great blog - I'm following you.I agree with you, I write my reviews after I read a book too!!

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  4. I'm an old follower stopping by to say WASSUP?

    I think it's cool you don't write a review if nothing comes to you. To me, that feels like "wasting" a nice blogging opportunity... but if the inspiration isn't there, I guess it just isn't there.

    Blog Hop @ The Elliott Review

  5. Hi, Karen! Just hopping by. Already a follower. :)
    I agree that a forced review is not a good review just for the sake of it. Nice thought. :)

    Musings of a Reader Happy

  6. I don't like forcing a review just because I've read the book. There are no blog police. Really. You don't have to write a review for every book you've read

    I've been trying to convince myself of that for as long as I've been blogging, haha! But it's nice to hear that someone else has written reviews months after reading a book, after a fit of inspiration-- because sometimes that happens to me, too. Yay!

  7. Happy HOP! I think the same as well. A review needs to be meaningful not just something you do because you have to. Have a great weekend. I'm already a follower

    HOP by and visit

  8. I have to write reviews within the few days following the finish of the book. Otherwise, I end up staring at a blank screen for hours! I wish I could just remember everything so I could write a review at anytime!!

    Happy hopping!!

  9. I'm already a follower but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your cute bunny pic! Definitely brightened up my morning :)

  10. I find that sometimes it's good to wait a while before writing reviews for certain books ... I never wake up *INSPIRED*, hehe ... but I do tend to write far less when I can't remember very much of what's happened, lol, much less rambling that way :D

  11. How cute is that bunny. I take notes as I read and make ample use of post-it stickies.

  12. Bunny... so... CUTE! :)

    I like your book cover choice!!

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  13. Aha, that bunny is amazing. The bookcover you picking is really interesting! I haven't read the book yet, so maybe I'll check that out. I'm a new follower :) If you get a chance, check out my blog - I've got a few giveaways going on. :)

  14. Have a nice weekend!Loved your review of Paranormalcy by the way!

  15. Hopping by to say hi. Cute bunny and great answer. I do the same as well. I review after reading and I don't force myself to do it immediately. Reading is to be enjoyed and savoured and reminiscent later.

    Cheers from

  16. ah so true to be inspired for book reviews. I have to add fun books that I know I'm not going to review for fun.
    Have a great weekend. MUAH and sending your book back, my daughter doesn't seem to have the time reading it right now..must purchase book

  17. Stopping by on the Hop. I,too, review after I finish the book.

  18. Hello, Happy Friday!

    I'm stopping by to say hello on Follow Friday and the Blog Hop. TGIF!! I love your cute bunny picture!

    Have a awesome weekend!

    I'm an old follower.

  19. Just stopping by from the hop and follow friday to say hello! I'm a new follower (old subscriber on GR) but you run a great blog and I look forward to continue reading your posts.

    Happy Friday!

  20. Hoping on over from the blog hop!

    I also can't review every book I read. I've tried...but sometimes all that comes out are a few bullet points that only make sense to me.

    Jen @ Overused Parentheses

  21. Dropping from the hop and follow. I'm a new minion. Drop by and check out my giveaway if you can.


  22. What a great Hop post! I really love the bunny. Have a great weekend!

    Sarah @ Loving Books

  23. Just hopping by….

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance for the answer to this week’s questions…it was my question that was chosen…pretty neat.

    I also have a lot of reviews you may want to check out.

    Happy Hopping, Everyone….hop on over to my blog to see MY answer to MY question.