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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your Mockingjay Theories!

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)
As you may know by now I'm co hosting a HUGE Hunger Games themed giveaway HERE - the question to answer in my comment section is: Tell me how you would like the trilogy to end or if you've read Mockingjay - did you like the end?

I'm really enjoying your answers and I thought I would share some of your theories and see how close you get now that Mockingjay has finally arrived!!

I stayed up all night reading it - I have had exactly 1 1/2 hours sleep so far...... but I'm telling if you were right or way off base!

Here are some of my favorites:

Giada M: “I usually love happy ends, but in this last book I don't think a true happy end is possible. At least I would like to see president Snow agonizing and dead.”

puppyduck4: “I think the Rebels will defeat the Capitol in the end but it won’t be a clean conclusion. There will still be a long way to go after that, to make things better for everyone.
I'm hoping maybe we’ll find out that Katniss’ and/or Gale’s dad is still alive.
Also, Katniss will end up with Peeta (: “

itsmefaith: “Well I hope that President Snow dies (of course) and Peeta and Katniss live happily ever after WITHOUT "smexy" Gale in the way. Ugh. Besides that, I'd like her to go in the arena (aka the Capitol) and save Peeta/ Johanna etc... then throw Pres Snow into the stupid arena!!!! Muahahahahaha!!! And then all the past winners can go and take a stab at him!!! (I'm sorry, is that too gory? :D) Oh, and then maybe Katniss could find her Dad! Who might still be alive in District 13, plotting revenge at the Capitol.”

Nyasha: “i want pretty much for the most part a happy ending.president snow dead and katniss with peeta.i also think it would be kinda interesting if gale and prim ended up together.mostly because prim is the girly girl kind of stereotype and gale is pretty much on the manly man side.
also i think the last chapter or the epilogue should be a look into the future.”

Anonymous: “I want Mockingjay to end with Katniss choosing Gale and them living happily ever after. I don’t want anyone to die and I want them to rebuild their district. I want people in the book to be able to travel to other districts and I was that guy- can’t remember his name (Katniss and Peeta’s coach) to become the new President of all the districts.”

Jen: “I've always thought that it would end with Katnis going to that district that was supposedly blown up (district 13?). Finding rebels and Katnis leading a rebellion against the government.”

Kathalina: “I hope I'm not ruining anyone's day by saying that I think Katniss's and Gale's fathers could still be alive. In Catching Fire, Katniss met Twill and Bonnie who escaped an "accidental" explosion. Well, six years ago, their was an "accidental" explosion in Distrist 12 and why shouldn't some miners, including the fathers, escape? Ripper was smart enough to get out alive from the explosion, but with one arm sadly. So what I'm saying is...there is a lot of secrecy hidden from Katniss that goes for the cause of bringing down the damn Capitol.
I hope that President Snow will be revealed as he really is to his precious Capitol. Every district can see what he really is, how can the Capitol be so ignorant? Maybe because of fear. The fear of how much power one old man has.

District 13 could have all these rebels and have been waiting for the right moment, Katniss's scheme of rebelling with the berries, and with a strong person as Katniss as their motivator, then the plan will act out.”

Kirsty Wongmcdonaldssauce: “I have to be truthfully honest I think, Katniss' and Gale's dads are still alive and faked their death to secretly travel to District 13 and start the rebellion. I think Cinna and Gale might die, but in a very heroic fighting way. I do not want to make it end "happily ever after" but I do want it to end on a good note, but not fairytale happy like the rebels won and Peeta is all okay "the end." I really hope I don't get disappointed, but I can't wait for Mockingjay!!”

Sena: “I want NOBODY to die :((( And I hope Katniss ends up with Gale.. no, wait, I mean Peeta.. I mean, Gale... see, even I can't make up my mind!!”

Leeswammes: “I haven't read Mockingjay, but I hope it'll be something like this: Peeta finds himself a really nice girl (with plans to live happily ever after) and Gale shows himself to be the ultimate hero, maybe in another Hunger Games competition. Katniss may not choose either of them and go her own way.”

Elegance: “Wow. I don't really know how I want the series to end. I usually leave that up to the author. BUT, I do have a condition for a GOOD ending. And that is that Peeta is returned to his rightful position next to Katniss. Yeah. They should be together. I don't want anything less for them.

Oh, I almost forgot. This time I want KATNISS to fight for PEETA, not the other way around. Or maybe they can fight for eachother. Yeah, I bet that would be good.”

Zombie Girrrl: I've heard Collins compare her series to Greek myth with Katniss playing the roll of Spartacus, who, BTW, DIES, so I'll do the same. I think they'll manage to cut the head off the dragon (i.e. kill Pres. Snow) but it'll grow back ten times worse and with fangs, ala Hercules and the Hydra. Not very happy, but how can this story possibly end well?

I have one more theory! It just came to me, too! District 13 rebelled and is independent! The Capitol concocted a huge lie and spread it around that the rebellion was failed and that D13 is no more, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was actually free?! In that case, I think that it will impossible for them to bring down the Capitol in so short a time, sooo I think that they'll escape to D13 and Panem will eventually colapse on its own from the inside because the citizens of the Capitol will have had the wool removed from before their eyes and they'll stand up against Pres. Snow. I think it's be cool if the pampered citizens took their own Capitol down on behalf of the downtrodden Districts.

So was anyone close?? We'll see.............. Happy reading everyone!


  1. Now I've read all these endings, I have to read the book.

  2. Woah! Great post! Mockingjay comes out in my country in October!! I will die waiting


  3. I really NEED to read Mockingjay. Hopefully my book gets here soon!

    I have an award for you on my blog here.

  4. I was so off it wasn't funny!!!

  5. I can't wait to read the whole series! I haven't even gotten any of the books, but reading everything about it here at FWIW, I'm hooked! Thanks Karen! LOL


  6. I love these books and just finished Mockingjay! Definitely my favorite of the 3

  7. These were some great theories. I just want to read the book so I can find out what really happens.

  8. I hope the rebellion is successful, and that Katniss ends up with Peeta.


  9. I finished Mockingjay last night. It's surprising how many of you are pretty close to what actually happened!


  10. I loved reading all the theories -- even more interesting after I have already finished the book

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  11. I'm hoping that Katniss triumphs over the capitol but I want a good fight before that. A fight that will leave Katniss scarred forever. And possibly someone will die...



  12. It's always interesting to see what others believe would/could happen in a book that concludes a series. I've read Mockingjay so I won't say anything about the predictions, other than there are some really interesting ones there.

  13. I still haven't read it so it was great to read these! and thanks for no spoilers!


  14. Just finished the book today! It's funny reading my prediction back now, haha. I really was hoping that Katniss' dad would be found alive, oh well. LOL