For What It's Worth

Monday, August 23, 2010

The countdown begins..........

To celebrate I have teamed up with Bella from Obsessed! and The Paperback Dolls! for a HUGE contest!

*All this week I'll be having special Hunger Games related posts (HERE). See how that can help earn you extra entries to the contest HERE

*Read my friend Tiger's Team Peeta Sonnet HERELOVE it!!

*Today Bella and I are at The Paperback Dolls to battle it out in the epic Team Gale vs. Team Peeta debate.
When the Paperback Dolls were looking for someone to represent Team Gale I immediately thought of Bella - she is 101% Team Gale and the perfect choice!
One problem. I ended up being the one to defend Team Peeta. Don't get me wrong I love Peeta.....obsessively some would say, but Bella is a writer and me?.....not so much. She did a brilliant job as usual and  hopefully I at least held my own....LOL! So head on over and read both sides...........I hope I didn't let Team Peeta down!

And yes, Bella and I are still friends. We have not torn each others hair out. Mainly because she lives all the way over in South Africa and I am in FL so we can't get near each other - but really we can co exist. In fact we have a plan! We will enter the games - eliminate Katniss and take the boys for ourselves. We will all live in the woods....Gale & Bella hunting, Peeta & I baking (OK - Peeta will bake, I'll watch and eat)....everyone happily ever after.

The End.

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  1. Oh, you more than held your own - I could just imagine that coming from Peeta, himself :D

    I like that plan. I like it so much. If Gale told me he loved me, I would never reply with "I know". o_o Katniss is going down.

    I'm feeling really stressed about the release of Mockingjay. I'm at the point where I want to go read that super spoilery MJ review on Goodreads because I can't stand the thought of re-reading the first two books, then devouring MJ, for Katniss to choose neither of the guys, or for anyone important to die. I'm busy with Linger right now. *sigh* Where are all the happy books? :o

  2. Bella - I started the first two again and had to stop - she goes back and forth so much I feel like I'm going to throw up....seriously - I'm not even exaggerating, it stresses me out so much. I wish you could read it tonight with me!! :-((