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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Ramblings......

Gatsby & Griffin!!                                                                       Seriously - how cute are those two?? I found their mom through the blog hop! When I stopped by her blog yesterday I saw these two cuties and of course harassed her for a picture for my Sunday post.....I have been known to do that on occasion to my followers when I see a cute pet picture! Anyway go check out her equally fabulous blog Supernatural Snark (can't go wrong with a blog named Supernatural Snark!!)
On with the week's wrap up!!

Random stuff:

*Posted the new Mayhem is coming commercials...kind of creepy but funny in a disturbing way.

*DH added a new iPod widget to my sidebar. LOVE it! so Cute - go check out what songs are stuck in my head this week - I'll try to update it every week. (Note - the music is from you tube w/videos so some songs take a sec to load)

*Added a label cloud so it sould make it easier to find things - once I actually label things better.....

* I made it past 250 followers this week!! Wow! Thanks so much everyone - I love chatting & ,in some cases, venting with everyone, sometimes it's the highlight of my day whan I get a funny comment on here or if someone really liked my review. I do my best to follow all your blogs too! Don't forget to follow me on twitter too - @teamsheltie

CONTEST! Enter HERE to win Dead & Gone by Charlaine Harris. Ends tonight at 11:59pm EST
If you already have the book stop by to comment anyway - interesting comments about what is everyone's favorite from the series - the consensus is when Eric loses his memory - that's my favorite as well - and if people like the series or books better. I enjoy the books. The series doesn't really follow them so I enjoy that on a different level.

Next week: I'll be reviewing Faithful by Janet Fox (delayed from last week) and My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent.

Contest: No clue - I have to go through the bookshelves but I'll be giving something away Monday!!
*I'm trying to come up with a plan for my pile of ARC's that I got from BEA. SO many people want to read these while I have them just sitting on my shelf - so I'm thinking of some kind of book swap or mini ARC tours for books that I would like to read - so stay tuned for that.

If you have a cute pet picture please send it to me to use in future Sunday Ramblings posts.....fwiw(dot)kea(at)gmail(dot)com

Happy Sunday everyone!!



  1. the dogs are cuties!! hope you had a great weekend, karen!

  2. Loved the AMy & Roger review, and I look forward to your full thoughts on Faithful and My Soul to Keep.

    Swaps good good, and also on first blush, mini-ARC tours sound wonderful, because that way, you'd keep the ARC in the end, but not feel bad about having it waiting on the shelf in the short term. Lena's done several unofficial mini-ARC tours with 3-4 people on them, and it was really cool. The problem with big ARC tours, 10-20 people, seems to be ARC disintegration. :-)

    Love the iPod widget! You have the coolest taste in music.

  3. I LOVE those doggies! So adorable :)