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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Ramblings......

My musical evolution...........

Silversun Pickups

I had never really been a huge music fan until recently. When I was a teenager I went to three concerts that I remember: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Prince.
Back then I was dating a DJ and had to listen to his music constantly - I still hear all music as a potential mix tape. I also will admit to you here that it has past...that I was a disco girl. Yup - Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Village People...the whole nine yards. I upgraded a little with the aforementioned DJ boyfriend. He listened to more of the club/dance style disco and I have to confess that I still love when those songs come on the radio and I recently downloaded "Let the Music Play" by Shannon to my iPod.

I barely even listened to the radio when I drove and never saw a concert again until a few months ago.
As I'm getting older I'm hoping not to be one of those people who only listens to "their" music and doesn't try anything new. I'm also an anti-social, hermit. I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone so while it's probably no big deal to vast majority of you - it's a big deal to get me out to a concert again after 20 some odd years...never mind staying up past 9pm!

My first foray back into concerts was with Brandi Carlile. I figured she's kind of mellow - it's music that I know the words to and she was playing in a small refurbished theatre in Tampa, FL back in Feb. It was amazing and now I'm hooked! BTW - it wasn't that  mellow of a concert - there was wild underwear throwing and drunken dancing in the aisles so you never can tell!

Which leads me (in a really long drawn out way) to the Silversun Pickups concert. This was a bigger concert but still smallish for dipping my toes in. It was at the Hardrock Live in Orlando with two opening acts:  The Henry Clay People and Against Me. I had never heard of The Henry Clay People and it's always a little tough when you don't know the songs but they were great. Their 1st CD came out that day and it was their first big show. I was tweeting while I was there about not knowing who they were and ended up tweeting with the bass players mom! Small world.
Then Against Me came out - my husband really likes them - me not so much - but I was converted. They just rolled into song after song without ever stopping. I was really impressed - if not deaf - after the first two acts. SSPU's songs are kind of mellow & I've seen a few of their acoustic sets on TV so I was expecting to kick back for the last hour but NOOO! They were amazing! Lead singer and guitarist Brian Aubert came out full blast and they didn't stop for well over an hour...then they left then came back for a 3 song encore. I was kind of blown away. It was more than I had expected. They have a very simple set and low tech special effects but it goes perfect with their music. New SSPU songs I fell in love with: "Catch and Release" & "There's No Secrets This Year"

Now that I'm ready to go to all these concerts there aren't any in FL anytime soon. I will have to conquer fear number two and start flying to them!

Are you still here?? Wow - that's impressive because that was a long rambling, boring, slightly therapeutic post!! I wish I had a prize to give you for sticking around!

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So what have you been listening to? I need new music selections!!


  1. I'm still here and no prize needed. Doing better than me as far as music goes, I only went to my first concert a few years ago and have only been to 3 altogher - all Meat loaf.

  2. Petty - Thanks for sticking it out till the end!! I love Meatloaf - The band and the food!!(in case there was a question about that!)

  3. ill listen to everything r&b pop or rap if you like something calming you should listen to rock the boat by Aaliyah its very smooth and sesual and a favorite of mine when i just want everything to be quiet and calm she passed away some years back, but her music is still amazing and a joy to listen to heres the link
    lol your post takes me back i feel so old gah!

  4. I love the Bee Gees! And I'm fond of a few songs by Silversun Pickups.

    I dont' get to listen to much music, anymore--babies in the house. :-)

  5. Blueicegal - I actually listne to loud angry rock stuff to relax - if that makes any sense. I find it calming...but I listen to almost any type of music now.
    Tiger - My best friend and I used to sing into our hairbrushes to the BeeGee's! ahhh memories. We were excellent backup singers! Did you also love Andy??
    I liked a few SSPU before the concert but they were amazing live - a little darker than you would think.

  6. I've never been to a concert before *cry* ... there's very few bands that actually mission all the way to my little corner of the world, and there's maybe one or two South African bands that I wouldn't mind seeing in concert, but nothing worth getting excited over ... tickets are really expensive, too. I listen to a lot of My Chemical Romance, Muse, Billy Talent, Paramore, that kind of stuff :) Ever since I bought all the MCR CDs for my bf's car, we never listen to the radio anymore, so I'm pretty out of touch with what's new and interesting ... but it's okay ... what's old is STILL interesting to me :)