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Friday, June 4, 2010

BEA - Part 4....NYC

Times Square

I got to do a few (very few) other things besides BEA while in NY.

*First up was meeting my friend Sherry for dinner Tuesday night at BLT Burger! Burgers, fried pickles, sweet potato fries....yum! For those of you that have been around since my early days of blogging & my auction for Doctors Without Borders may remember that Sherry is the person who won the Jeaniene Frost auction. We've stayed in touch ever since and it was so great to finally meet her - I only wish we could have spent more time with her that week.

*Wedneday night we had dinner at Galanga - a thai resturant that Sherry recommended. (thanks Sherry!) It was SO amazingly good.  Here's a picture of their delicious spring rolls....

*Friday was pretty much the only other day we had to ourselves to be tourists. Since my husband was a trooper at BEA we went to somewhere he's always wanted to go - The American Museum of Natural History- specifically the planetarium. We had a great time although I have to admit I almost fell alseep during the movie about stars.

Ocean Grill - where I had lunch with Julia Hoban

*Next up was a real treat for me! Willow by Julia Hoban is one of my all time favorite books. I won a marked up Willow at an auction last year and I've stayed in touch with Julia by email ever since. When she heard I was going to be in NY (where she lives) for BEA, she asked if I wanted to go to lunch and a movie so we could finally meet. I have to admit that I was kind of nervous at first. Willow holds a lot of meaning for me and I was hoping I didn't act like a fangirl /dork :-)
Julia is the sweetest person and put me at ease immediately as if we've been friends for years already. May I add that she has the most beautiful jet black - long wavy hair and green eyes?? Very old school Hollywood. Argghhh so jealous!
We had lunch at Ocean Grill and then went to see Sex & the City 2 while Kevin (DH) went to see Robin Hood. Then we all met up and took a stroll to the local B&N where Julia signed another copy of Willow for me for a future auction!! then stopped at Magnolia bakery for the most incredible cupcakes I've had in years!! What a thrill to be able discuss a book that is so important to me with the author while chatting about Samantha/Charlotte/Carrie &

*Here are a few more pictures that I thought you guys might be interested in from Times Square.

The taxi drivers are crazy, the city is confusing and hectic - it truly never sleeps but it has such an energy that pulls you right in. And great food - I can't forget the great food! I had a fantastic time and I can't wait to go again for next years BEA - except I will stay a day or two extra so I can take in more sights and see more of my friends! 


  1. I love seeing all the pictures from NY and the BEA. Having Lunch and movie with an would agree about being a fan girl.

  2. I was at the AMMH on Friday! I was there from about 11:30 until 2:00 pm. I'll bet we probably passed each other if you were there then! I guess we were fated to meet in NYC that week somehow! The Brandon Mull line was the place though!

  3. Cat - I was probably asleep on a bench somewhere and didn't see you! lol I was so damn tired.......

  4. I should try and get to this convention next year. Everyone following my blog will find me easy as I'll be the one freaking out and having a panic attack with all those people around! :)
    Interesting that you were considered part of the press. I'll have to see if having a blog qualifies me as press at the next Penelope Cruz movie premier!! Ms Cruz here I come!!!

  5. Marc - I'm not too far behind you on the panic attack front. I am by nature a hermit and anti-social. This pushed me so far beyond my comfort zone!! Amoung my many phobias are flying/claustraphobia/heights/crowds and I'm extrememly shy so this trip was a big one for me. I have been known to pass out from stress....

  6. Karen - if you saw a girl wandering around with a stuffed elephant and taking photos of said elephant all over the museum, that was me. Heck, I even spent $50 to have Finnegan's (the elephant) photo taken with dinosaurs on the 4th floor. I was feeling the fool, but then the photo editors were fighting over who got to edit his photos because they thought it was awesome. hahaha

  7. Cat - I have a stuffed dog - Gulliver - that usually comes on our travels for pictures!
    That's funny about the museum/Finnegan pic but I see a lot of that online...very popular. I've seen whole web pages devoted to pictures of stuffed animals taken at different locations!

  8. I'm so jealous you got to meet Julia Hoban! I would've been freaking out too. But hopefully if I ever meet her I'll be an old pro because I've been meeting a lot of authors lately.
    Sounds like BEA was a huge success! I was on vacation and haven't had a chance to hear about your trip so it's great to catch up!