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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Movie - Iron Man 2

I'm really starting to get a complex...........maybe something is wrong with me. I haven't liked most of the books or movies that everyone else is going crazy for lately and Iron Man 2 is yet another example.
This movie had such a frenetic energy going on that I just wanted to yell at everyone to stop and shut up! Everyone seemed to be having at least three conversations at once or talked over each other. There were so many scenes of crowds cheering or yelling and they just served no purpose.
The exception to that rule for me were Pepper Potts  & Tony Starke played by Gweneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr who have an amazing chemistry. I loved every scene that they were in together - even when they were talking right over each other.
Most people I've talked to liked the first one better but said this movie was a good no brainer explosion summer movie but I didn't think it did that very well either. There were a few scenes that didn't even make sense as to why they were in there. The last third of the movie picked up and came together a little bit.
I was afraid the villians were going to start taking over the franchise but no worries there. I'm not sure why they went out of their way to cast Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke - they didn't use either actor very much and there is a point in the movie with ScarJo that had me laughing out loud. (If you've seen the movie - in the car when she changes - her before "in the car hair" and the "after hair" when she goes to kick butt!) I was unaware that you get new hair while putting on your superhero costume or she has amazing speed curling iron skills! She looked perfect while kicking ass and I mean perfect - it was weird...every kick ended in a strange little "look at me" pose.
I'll just say - go see it - you'll like it even though I didn't. I seem to have that kind of taste in movies....I usually like weird obscure movies that no one else likes and hate the ones everyone else
BTW - For a second opinion - my husband (who loved the first one and is a big IM fan) thought it was boring.

Rating: We both give it 2.5 out of 4. Robert Downey Jr owns this role - just wish it was a smarter movie to go with the acting.


  1. You know I guess when I go to see a movie I get into the movie, so I don't pay attention to things like you do. I never noticed her hair, I never thought they were talking over each other, I loved Whiplash and thought Mickey Rouke did a great job...thought it was a totally great movie. Probably not the best movie of the blockbuster summer but still great.

  2. I felt the exact same way about Transformers 2 ... everyone made such a huge fuss of it, but the movie was insane ... it seemed like they'd filmed hours and hours of it, then tried to cut it down (and it was still CRAZY long :o) ... so nothing made sense, because the scenes that would have connected all the big events together were missing, one minute the guy was at college, then his parents were in the desert (huh. I still don't know how that happened.), then everyone else was in the desert, climbing pyramids that seemed to abruptly shrink on-screen ... it was the oddest thing. So I totally get what you mean about the frenetic energy ... when you just want to relax and enjoy a movie, these are not great choices LOL ... these movies require ALL your attention.

    HeHe, the Scarlett Johansson changing in the car part sounds pretty absurd :)

    I kind of liked the first movie, although I'm not the HUGEST fan of these "big" comic book movies ... but it could be my humongous crush on Robert Downey Jr :D Ever since he acted in Ally McBeal (I went through a phase, lol, years ago), I've been in love with him :) He's just so ... arrogant, but in a funny way ... if you know what I mean! Like, he does it to be funny ... not because he actually is cocky. I loved him in Tropic Thunder ... in fact, I just seriously enjoyed Tropic Thunder, The End :D I don't like Gwyneth Paltrow too much ... although she is PERFECT as Pepper Potts :)

    My boyfriend will probably drag me to see this, so I hope it isn't as bad as Transformers 2 ... because that movie just about did my head in :o

  3. Thanks for your views on this film. I enjoyed Iron Man which surprised me as I'm not normally into this sort of film but have heard a lot of bad things about this, the second outing. Perhaps one for DVD rather than the cinema.

  4. ladystorm - I liked Mickey Rourke and even Scarlet, I just felt they were underused & I got bored...and when I'm bored I can be nitpicky :-))

    Bella - you hit the nail on the head there!! It felt like maybe they filmed too much and pieced it together so that it seemed choppy to me. I love Robert Downey jr too and he's so good it makes it worth seeing in spite of my objections to the script etc... I would like to see what you think of the Scarlet fighting scenes though...kick - pose, roll - I have to know if I'm the only one who noticed this and the hair!!!

    Petty - I think you should go see it! Even though I didn't love it - everyone else in the theatre did so I wouldn't go by just my opinion and I still think it would be better to see on the big screen. I loved the first one too.

  5. Seems we do have the same views on this movie/novel although I didn't have the pleasure of seeing Scarlet kick - pose, roll - pose. :)

  6. As a guy you will probably appreciate Scarlet's outfit at least :-)) I just could not stop laughing though.
    So much of your book review describes the movie!