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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jeri Smith-Ready palooza continues........

To get ready for the next contest I'm going to give you a summary of the books you will be winning and my quick take on each one.

So here we go.........

Requiem for the Devil
Requiem for the Devil
A genre-busting novel that challenges the world's oldest destiny.
Set in modern-day Washington, D.C., REQUIEM depicts the end of the Devil's ten-billion-year career. For the first time in his existence, Lucifer falls in love, and this event threatens to transform his identity and perhaps even his destiny. Gianna O'Keefe is the woman who drags him out of his ancient despair and points him toward possible salvation.
Yet Lucifer's path from evil is neither straight nor smooth. Pursuing love means betraying his fellow fallen angels, the loyal friends who once followed him to damnation. Divine and infernal forces seem to conspire against his and Gianna's union. Lucifer's empire crumbles around him as he dares to defy the natural order and question his fate.
Winner of the 2000 National Writers Association Novel contest.

My take: Our first peek into Jeri's style of writing. She takes a tale that has been told many times before and turns it on it's head and makes it her own with her trademark humor.

The Aspect of Crow trilogy   Eyes Of Crow (Aspect of Crow Trilogy)Voice Of Crow (Aspect of Crow)The Reawakened (Aspect of Crow, Book 3)
Her Spirit carries the darkest wisdom...
Enter a world where humans and animals meet in magic, where one woman's strength must conquer Death itself.
Every character in Eyes of Crow wields magic bestowed by his or her totem animal or Guardian Spirit...

My take: This is my favorite series...ever. I was slow to come around to reading it because it sounded strange to me but once I did I was in hibernation mode - reading for three days straight...non stop except to eat and take care of the dogs (my husband was on his own!)
This series has everything - true love, betrayal, heroes, villians, love & loss, despair & hope, destiny....I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time I was reading. I laughed, I cried, my stomach was in knots. She accomplishes something as a writer here (in only her second book and first series) that most seasoned writers never do. She creates an entirely new world that spans generations - weaving in new characters and jumping ahead in time seemlessly. There were times I was screaming "NO!!" about a storyline and then a few pages later I was completely absorbed again. This is a world where decisions and actions have consequences for generations to come. I won't lie - it's not always an easy read but it's an original and beautiful one!
Wicked GameBad to the Bone  The WVMP Radio Vampire Series
                                                       An urban fantasy series of sex, blood, and rock 'n' roll.

My take: My second favorite series. Wicked Game is like my comfort food. I read it whenever I'm in a bad mood - whenever I've read a book I didn't like, when I'm depressed or I just need a good laugh. A completely original take on the vampire genre. In Jeri's world vampire's get "stuck" in their era at the time of their change....finding it hard to adapt as time goes on, developing OCD like tendencies. At WVMP (the life blood of rock & roll!) the vampire DJ's are able to play music from their era and stay hidden (in theory), Add in a snarky, no nonsense heroine - Ciara Griffin and one very sexy vampire...Shane and you got yourself one fun series. Bad to the Bone is book 2 in the series and starts devling a little deeper into this UF world and adds Dexter the vampire dog. Each book comes with a playlist and I can't tell you how many great groups and songs I've found throught these books!
Also some of the best one liners EVER!
My fave: When Ciara throws garlic salt at Shane to keep him away..."What the----salt? I'm a vampire, not a slug"

Book 3 Bring On the Night releases July 27, 2010! Can't wait!! pre-order here Bring On the Night (WVMP, Book 3)

*To find out about all of Jeri's books including playlists and bonus tie -in short stories click HERE*
and check back later today when I start the contest to win ALL of the above books!!


  1. Wow, a contest for all the books?? I can't wait! The crow books have some great covers!!

  2. Based on your recommendation, I'm starting The Aspect of the Crow trilogy today!

  3. Nice to be able to have a chance at all of Jeri's works. Will check back in later today...
    Only 11 more hours till Shade is on the shelves....

    jackie b central texas

  4. Wow. All of those sound *so* interesting. Can't wait for the contest. ; )

  5. HeHe, I love that line from Wicked Game :D I read half of it last year (I heard about a certain thigh-biting scene somewhere, and that TOTALLY lured me in, hehe) ... but I was so busy with exams, that I never had a chance to finish the novel, and had to return it to the library ... so I'd love a chance to read it again :)

  6. Yes, that thigh biting scene is a good one....amoung many IMO

    I hope you love those books Sherry! You'll be done witht he whoel series before I finish Outlander :-)))

  7. I need to check out the Aspect of the Crow series - I loved Wicked Game and Bad to the Bone - I wish I had a vampire dog ;) though the getting blood for him thing might be problematic ;)