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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Final Auction....Jeaniene Frost! can all stop sending me emails asking when the Jeaniene Frost auction is...LOL!! Without further it is!

The winner of the Jeaniene Frost auction will get:

The Night Huntress Series, Books 1-4 
  • Book two - ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE
  • Book three - AT GRAVES END
All 4 books personally signed by Jeaniene!

Night Huntress World, Book 1 
  • Book one - FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON (Spade and Denise's story)
Personally signed by Jeaniene!

FDOC was just released Feb. 1st and is already # 38 on the USA Today bestseller list, # 4 on the New York Times bestseller list, and # 4 on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list!!


 Printed and signed “sneak peek” at 3 deleted scenes from The Night Huntress Series !! 
  • ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE– A deleted scene from the wedding where Cat first sees Bones
  • AT GRAVES END A deleted scene after Cat and Bones visit to the S&M club (it's Cat & Bones - so you can guess where that's going......LOL) 
  • DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE – The original beginning
*Winner will receive all of the above scenes in a printed format signed by Jeaniene Frost. These deleted scenes are a "sneak peek" and will be exclusive to the winner for a minimum of 90 days before Jeaniene publishes them on her website.*

PLEASE READ! Legalese : Deleted scenes are copyrighted by Jeaniene Frost. No part of these deleted scenes may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. Jeaniene reserves the right to reprint any or all scenes as she sees fit in the future but has agreed not to publish this exclusive content for at least 90 days.

(A note from me......This an incredible thing that Jeaniene has offered for this auction - so to the winner - please respect the author copyrights to her material and make this a fun experience for Jeaniene. Besides you get to read something about Cat & Bones before anyone else and you'll have it in print! So curl up on the couch with your deleted scenes and torture your friends while they're waiting for Jeaniene to post them....mwaaaahhh....mwaaaahh!)

But wait - that's not all!

*Jeaniene has offered to match the winning bid up to $100.00! I will match the next $50.00 - so a winning bid of $150.00 will actually make $300.00 for Doctors Without Borders!

Here are those boring (but necessary) rules.....
•The first bid must always start at a minimum of $20 and be in $1 increments. Ex. $21, $25, $34...
•Must be at least 18 years old
•This particular auction will end on Sunday, February 28th, 2010 at 11:59pm EST
•The winning bid will be the HIGHEST POSTED bid at 11:59pm EST.
•When the auction has ended, I will post who had the winning bid and they will donate their money to Doctors Without Borders HERE . You will have 48 hours from when I announce the winner to make the donation and forward the receipt to me or the next highest bidder becomes the winning bid…..and so on.
•Once I have donation conformation, your book will be sent out by either me, or the author.
•The next auction will start the next day after bidding has ended for the previous auction.
•You can enter from anywhere, (and we will ship anywhere) but the bids and donations must be made in US dollars. (USD)
•If you have questions about the auction, books, authors or anything at all, please feel free to email me: Please leave the comment section free for bidding only – email for everything other than bidding.

So show Jeaniene the love ! *Frosties*......start bidding!


  1. Karen here!! The bidding went from $50 to $350 to $ just verifying.....Sherry2227 did you mean to bid $350.00?


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Karen again....OK Sherry2227 now has the highest current bid at $350.

    Continue with the bidding's for charity :-)

  4. Congratulations sherry!


  5. Thanks so much to Karen for holding the auction, Sherry for the winning bid, and everyone else for participating either by bidding or spreading the word. What an awesome haul for Doctors Without Borders! Whoohoo!


  6. I'm so excited! Yay!!!
    Thank you for choosing Doctors Without Borders. I'm a member and I've travelled to Haiti twice since the hurricane. I know, firsthand, how much this will benefit the tragedy and devastation affecting Haitians.
    Karen, I hope you received my e-mail receipt.
    Jeaniene, I'm a huge fan of Cat and Bones!
    Thank you!

  7. Hey Sherry - I sent you an email last night and one this morning.......check to see if you got it, if not can you email me again?